Elizabeth Ann Seton Residence in San Pedro Offers Shelter and Hope

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc.’s Elizabeth Ann Seton residence in San Pedro helps families in need. Families without homes. Without shoes. Without a sense of self-worth. Here they discover the strength they have inside to find a path to recovery.
The Elizabeth Ann Seton residence helps change lives, save lives, and build a stronger community.

EAS Building

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles programs address human suffering through direct intervention in larger social issues such as poverty, hunger, nutrition, homelessness, immigration, health care, mental health and illiteracy.

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Loaves & Fishes Program Assists a Single Father

CChar6-10-09 84798Catholic Charities’ Glendale Community Services Center’s Loaves & Fishes program works with the City of Glendale’s Homeless Prevention program which funds partial payment of rent or utilities. A single father with two children was desperately seeking assistance because his electricity had been shut off. His total yearly income is $18,000.

The Loaves & Fishes case manager called Glendale Water & Power to have the electricity turned on and she paid the $264 bill through the Homeless Prevention Program.

This client’s daughter had been diagnosed as bi-polar and schizophrenic. The case manager connected them with a support group.

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry program will give the family food, fresh fruit and vegetables on a monthly basis. The case manager was able to give all three family members new sheets and blankets for their beds.

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