Elizabeth Ann Seton Residence in San Pedro Offers Shelter and Hope

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc.’s Elizabeth Ann Seton residence in San Pedro helps families in need. Families without homes. Without shoes. Without a sense of self-worth. Here they discover the strength they have inside to find a path to recovery.
The Elizabeth Ann Seton residence helps change lives, save lives, and build a stronger community.

EAS Building

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles programs address human suffering through direct intervention in larger social issues such as poverty, hunger, nutrition, homelessness, immigration, health care, mental health and illiteracy.

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Loaves & Fishes Program Assists a Single Father

CChar6-10-09 84798Catholic Charities’ Glendale Community Services Center’s Loaves & Fishes program works with the City of Glendale’s Homeless Prevention program which funds partial payment of rent or utilities. A single father with two children was desperately seeking assistance because his electricity had been shut off. His total yearly income is $18,000.

The Loaves & Fishes case manager called Glendale Water & Power to have the electricity turned on and she paid the $264 bill through the Homeless Prevention Program.

This client’s daughter had been diagnosed as bi-polar and schizophrenic. The case manager connected them with a support group.

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry program will give the family food, fresh fruit and vegetables on a monthly basis. The case manager was able to give all three family members new sheets and blankets for their beds.


Brothers Avoid Gangs With the Help of El Santo Nino Center

success-brothersBrothers “Pedro” and “Rafael” (not pictured above) are now in college at UC San Diego and Cal State Northridge. They are studying hard, planning careers and living full lives. But their lives could have gone in an altogether different direction. The brothers grew up in a neighborhood rife with gang violence, illiteracy, poverty and lack of hope.

When the boys were five and three years old, they came to Catholic Charities’ El Santo Niño (ESN) community center to participate in the School Readiness program. The program prepared them with the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary to compete with their more affluent peers in the educational system. The boys both continued with the El Santo Niño program as they grew. As grammar school students, they came to ESN for its nurturing, academic after-school program. In high-school, they participated in organized social activities and field trips, while receiving tutoring when needed.

ESN provided the brothers with resources, school supplies, and social-emotional support, not to mention a busy schedule, that supported the boys in avoiding the area’s ubiquitous gang culture. The boys were even helped in getting part-time jobs so that they could buy school clothes and have some spending money. Pedro and Rafael were also guided by qualified staff and volunteers at the center in researching and applying for college.

In this neighborhood where most boys are recruited into gangs in middle school and where the majority of residents are uneducated and unemployed, Pedro and Rafael are paving new ground. Without El Santo Nino, they could have very easily drifted onto a self-defeating path. Instead, their lives are full of opportunity and hope for the


Man Keeps Green Card with Help of Esperanza

“J.G.” has called the United States home since he was a small child.  In 1990, he received his green card for lawful permanent residency and went on to finish high school and earn a number of certificates from community colleges, including one for public works, inspection of asphalt and concrete.


J.G. works to support his two elderly, lawful permanent resident parents, taking special care of his mother who is in poor health.

Recently, the life J.G. has created for his family was in jeapordy of falling apart. J.G. was put into deportation proceedings after pleading guilty to stealing two low value items.  Worried about leaving his home and his parents behind, J.G. sought the help of Catholic Charities’ Esperanza Immigrants Rights Project. The Esperanza attorney, Jorge Cabrera, worked with J.G. while he was detained for approximately 5 months at the Mira Loma Detention Center. In court, Jorge convinced the Immigration Judge that the positive factors involved in J.G.’s case outweighed the negative factors. Thanks to the help of Esperanza, J.G. won the ability to stay in the United States with his green card intact.

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