Executive Team

Front row, left to right: Lorri Perreault, Our Lady of the Angels Regional Director; Mary Romero, San Gabriel Regional Director; Sandra Yanez, San Fernando Regional Director; Alexandria (Sandi) Arnold, Chief Development and Communications Officer;         Dan Grimm, Santa Barbara Regional Director; Monsignor Gregory A. Cox, Executive Director; Moises Carrillo, Director of Intra-Agency Programs. Back row, left to right: Bruce Hackman, San Pedro Regional Director; Leland (Lee) Ratleff, Director of Human Resources; and Dan O’Brien, Chief Financial Officer.


Executive Director

Rev. Monsignor Gregory A. Cox, M.Div., M.S.W., M.B.A.

Monsignor Cox holds a Master of Divinity degree from St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, California and earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University.

In May 1993, he was appointed Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles.  Prior to assuming this position, Monsignor Cox was a Regional Director of the agency’s Our Lady of the Angels Region. During his tenure as a Regional Director, he was instrumental in opening five community services sites which continue to provide a breadth of social services, including case management, referral services and employment assistance to low-income individuals and families.

As Executive Director, Monsignor Cox has responsibility for administering an annual budget in excess of $30 million and has oversight for five service Regions located in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Chief Financial Officer

Dan O’BrienM
Telephone: (213) 251-3410
Fax: (213) 380-4603
Email: dobrien@ccharities.org

Chief Development and Communications Officer

Alexandria Arnold, M.S.
Telephone: (213) 251-3495
Fax: (213) 251-3497
E-mail: sarnold@ccharities.org

Director of Human Resources

Leland Ratleff, M.A.
Telephone: (213) 251-3414
Fax: (213) 251-3402
E-mail: lratleff@ccharities.org

Director of Intra-Agency Programs

Moises Carrillo, M.A.
Telephone: (213) 251-3413
Fax: (213) 380-4603
E-mail: mcarrillo@ccharities.org

Our Lady of the Angels Region

Lorri Perreault, MHSA, MBA, Regional Director
Telephone: (310) 392-8701
Fax: (310) 399-4097
E-mail: lperreault@ccharities.org

San Fernando Region

Sandra Yanez, M.A., Regional Director
Telephone: (213) 251-3549
Fax: (818) 883-4122
E-mail: syanez@ccharities.org

San Gabriel Region

Mary Romero, Regional Director
Telephone: (213) 251-3582
Fax: (323) 266-3269
E-mail: mromero@ccharities.org

San Pedro Region

Bruce Hackman, MDiv, MS, MSW, Regional Director
Telephone: (213) 251-3429
Fax: (562) 591-2481
Email: bhackman@ccharities.org

Santa Barbara Region – Santa Barbara County

Daniel J. Grimm, J.D., MA, MFT, Regional Director
Telephone: (805) 965-7045
Fax: (805) 963-2978
E-mail: dgrimm@ccharities.org

Santa Barbara Region – Ventura County

Daniel J. Grimm, J.D., MA, MFT, Regional Director
Telephone:  (805) 643-4784
Fax:  (805) 641-1898
E-mail: dgrimm@ccharities.org



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