We believe the following elements are required for successful DEI integration: 

  • Human Relations: We place human relations at the center and emphasize transformational, not transactional, relationships.
  • Systemic Oppression Analysis: Based on an analysis that oppression is baked into everything. We need a root system analysis to deconstruct and reconstruct.
  • Acknowledge Power Dynamics: Power dynamics are typically not discussed within organizations. We acknowledge that there is a need for some power differentials within a capitalist system’s decision-making. However, people must have the power to change structures and contribute in meaningful ways.
  • Shifting Culture is at the Center: To root out the habits of oppression, we need to shift the ways in which the spoken & unspoken norms, practices, and procedures perpetuate oppressions.
  • Restorative Practices: Lean into restorative practices to strengthen team dynamics, build relationships, and manage conflict. Both proactive (building relationships and developing community) and reactive (repairing harm and restoring relationships) approaches are critical functions of restorative practices. Everyone has experienced trauma and suffering; we bring this to our organizations. We need restorative practices that can hold space for everyone. 


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As we develop our practices, we are open to training collaborations, new thought partners and authentic individuals who’d like to contribute to this critical conversation and future activities!