We dig into your goals and customize a strategy for maximum impact. We’re a results focused, and solution-driven team,  driven to support our clients in making the impact they envision. 

Your work drives us forward. We’re a results focused, solution-driven team, motivated to support our clients in making the impact they envision. Success comes from integrating the team’s (yours and ours) collective expertise, tapping into shared values and strengths, and leveraging our coaching lens to reach your project goals.

Themes that drive our approach to the work: 

  • People-centered 
  • Equity-driven
  • Coaching mindset 
  • Process oriented 
  • Nimble and creative ideation

Many of our team members are native Angelenos and have witnessed the fabric of our community evolve into a complex, integrated, and powerful quilt over the last 40+ years. Our approach to communications is nuanced by the experiences of living, working and creating in a region that intersects cultures, belief systems, languages, justice, and art. We value the importance and impact of representation—to help individuals see and experience their greatest potential by identifying with artists and leaders who look like them. 


At Momentum Solutions, we have a set of core values designed to inform how we behave. The purpose of these values is to define how we do business and what drives us as people.


We center people. We encourage our clients to be real, honest and transparent and we’ll reciprocate.


It’s personal. Our diverse experiences with power and oppression inform our perspective and our work.


We practice work-life balance. We’re shifting the grind culture paradigm by recharging our creativity and keeping our minds clear so you get the best of us.


We make conscious choices to work with, support and invest in values-aligned people and organizations. We’re all responsible for social change.